5 Fun Facts About Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful and very clean country. It is a state, city and also a nation. Singapore receives a lot of visitors and has made itself in the hearts of people all over the world. It’s also the top tourist destination for many tourists. The following are 5 Fun Facts About Singapore and why you should make it your next tourist destination.

  1. The ShoppingYou can get all the best, rare and fantastic stuff all year round; hence, it doesn’t matter the year you visit. You can shop anything in places like Dower street market which is ideal for a shopping spree. You can also get fantastic stuff from street vendors when you walk around the towns of Singapore.
  2. All that you will get fantastic art galleries from the world’s famous artists as well as some gems from the locals. There are festivals which are held to promote art among the locals and also promote the local talent to an international circle. If you love pieces of art, then you can visit the Sundaram Tagore Gallery.
  3. The quaint neighborhoods you will learn more about Singapore if you tour the country on foot. Take a tote bag and begin exploring the beautiful communities of Singapore. You can try Dempsey Hill, Chinatown, and Tiong Bahru.
  4. The out of this world ArchitectureThe country is the home to the most amazing modern-day architecture hence being an attraction to many people in the world.
  5. SizeSingapore is among the twenty smallest countries in the world. It has a total area of 682.7 square kilometers making the United States about 15,000 times bigger.
    If you are planning to visit Singapore, you will be left with a memorable impression since everything in Singapore is unique. You can begin by visiting its unique zoo and many amusement parks which have a special distinction – read article on how to go singapore.